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Rockwood Door
Hand-crafted rockwood furniture


One of the factors that brings companies to the realization that it is time to rebrand is when the level of work they produce is steps ahead of how they market themselves. For businesses that excel at their craft, this naturally happens over time.

Rockwood chose Cassel Bear to help them rebrand, confident in our ability to guide them through a process that would keep their heritage in mind, bring internal and external cohesiveness to their portfolio of products, and garner the attention of modern architects and designers.

Rockwood's old logo
Rockwood's old logo
Logo Explorations
Rockwood final logo
Rockwood brand fonts
Rockwood brand fonts usage and hierarchy
Rockwood brand color swatches
Rockwood brand voice and attitude
Letterhead and business card
Branded Coasters


Rockwood’s business is divided into two distinct branches that serve unique markets – luxury wood doors and specialty wood components. Rockwood effectively tells its story on separate websites that distinguish each business while maintaining brand consistency.

Rockwood Doors  Rockwood Components

Rockwood multi-brand websites

As a result of Cassel Bear’s keyword research, website monitoring, and content updates, Rockwood’s website continuously improved its organic search performance, more than doubling the number of visits within a year.

Rockwood mobile layouts
Rockwood tablet layout


When architects see the remarkable building projects that Rockwood supports, they know they’ve found a company that can meet their expectations. Photo shoots at multiple project locations showcase Rockwood’s high level of craftsmanship throughout their marketing materials.

Rockwood entry door
Rockwood planing
Rockwood Archway
Rockwood Door
Rockwood window

Printed Materials

Ads and brochures feature beautiful product photography and deliver the message that Rockwood’s work truly stands out.

Booklet Cover
Rockwood table brand element
Rockwood creative logo


Rockwood has a captivating story to tell, and is now reaching a well-defined audience with compelling marketing content.

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