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We bring clarity to what you do best.

Cassel Bear headquarters

When your value is clear, customers are attracted, not pursued.

Our Canton, Ohio, marketing agency has been helping clients build attractive and effective brands since 2005.


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Services We Provide


Cohesive design and storytelling that lets you lean into what your customers care about most.

Brand Identity Design


Comprehensive marketing support so you can gain short-term traction and set your long-term trajectory.

Marketing Strategy


Beautiful custom websites that engage audiences, generate leads, and produce sales.

Web Design


Captivating print and digital assets to connect you to the untapped potential of your brand.

Graphic Design

Photography & Video

Custom video and photography that tells your story and inspires your customers.

Photography & Video

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Reliable and secure solutions to keep your website running strong.

Hosting & Maintenance

Brainstorming meeting

Words We
Live By

Know who you are. Be who you are.

At Cassel Bear, how we work is who we are. We make the process transparent, because we value honesty. We work with passion, because we love seeing others in our community succeed. And we listen carefully, because we appreciate lasting relationships.

We’re a close-knit team of creatives and strategists, designers and writers, planners and doers. And we share your optimism for exploring new possibilities.

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Progress beats perfection.

Companies that are bold enough to try something new eventually pass those that are perfecting what currently works. When you’re ready to move into new territory, we know how to adapt and excel.


Straight talk. No surprises.

Clients tell us they appreciate the clarity and focus we bring to their projects. We are transparent about how we can help you, what it will cost, and how we’ll measure success. Working side-by-side, we set goals and make adjustments over time. Just as importantly, we keep you in the loop every step of the way.



100+ years of experience on our team


18 years building a reputation for results


8,640 cups of coffee brewed last year

Let’s make it happen.

No pressure, no pushy sales. Just a conversation about where you are today and where you would like to go.