Hosting Maintenance

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Focus on running your business while we take care of the technical details of hosting and maintaining your website. We offer scalable services that ensure you have everything you need to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

website hosting and maintenance

Maintenance Details:

  1. Technical Support and assistance with site functionality. Our team provides technical support for the Software and Hosting Services to ensure the ongoing, continuous functioning of the Software and Hosting Services.
  2. Management of the hosting stack.
  3. Monthly maintenance to keep codebase and plugin modules up-to-date. Each of the modules used on a site receives updates and bug fixes sometimes multiple times a month. Maintenance from our team ensures that these modules stay up-to-date with the latest feature and security fixes.
  4. Efficient deployments of fixes or changes, and updates. Since our team manages the hosting stack, we always have the access requirements to deploy updates as needed.

Maintenance Includes:

  • Codebase core updates
  • Plugin updates (plugins are code addons for specific functionality like form processing)
  • CMS support

Maintenance Does Not Include:

Think of maintenance as the regular oil change for your car (unless you drive a Tesla). Maintenance is the work needed to keep the site functioning well. These are tasks that you wouldn’t know to ask us to do. What is not covered under maintenance are website updates and extensive support. Updates are defined as: 

  • New functionality
  • Changes to existing functionality
  • Content additions and updates
  • Website design changes
  • Et cetera

Website updates will be needed periodically and you can request them at any time, but they are not part of Monthly Maintenance.

website hosting and maintenance


  1. Hosting will be provided through a high-performance hosting platform.
  2. 24/7 stability and performance monitoring (monthly reports available upon request).
  3. Content Delivery Network (CDN) for fast serving files regardless of location.
  4. Automatic codebase backups.
  5. Automated daily database backups.


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