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Refuge of Hope


As the meal ministry and mens’ shelter of downtown Canton’s Refuge of Hope continues to grow, the staff has begun to consider the need for a larger space where they can expand their offerings to clients and continue to do the good work for which they’ve become known. This summer found them conducting a feasibility study – a series of conversations with potential donors and granting organizations – to see if they could generate enough goodwill and financial commitment to the project before starting a full-scale capital campaign. Pleased with our efforts on their website, they turned to Cassel Bear to create a piece that continued the visual brand we established online, brought some new language to the their mission and vision, laid out the need for a new space, and highlighted the proposed plan. This succinct piece was used in meetings to give people a brief glimpse into potential next steps. The upshot? Refuge of Hope is moving forward!




Cassel Bear aimed to capture imagery that conveyed the reality of the situations that Refuge of Hope’s mission deals with. We focused on humanizing those affected by homelessness, portraying them in a light that they are just like anyone else and deserve food, shelter as well as love. We wanted to do all this to help evoke that Refuge of Hope is a place that people can turn to in their time of need without fear of judgement.

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