Bringing brand consistency and market recognition to a diverse industrial product line.

How We Helped

Print Materials
Tradeshow Materials
Web Design
Digital Advertising

Print & Trade Show Materials

E-Tank keeps its customers informed through a wide variety of informational print pieces. Cassel Bear worked to understand the nuance of E-Tank’s business, so we could provide greater quality control over both content and design.


The E-Tank website conveys the quality of the company’s services, quickly guides users to the products they need, and drives search results through optimized content. Cassel Bear merged separate websites for the tank and pump divisions into a single domain that clearly showcases E-Tank’s product line and builds SEO authority.

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E-tank website user flow
Determining user flow
E-tank website wireframes
Early wireframes
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Google Ads

E-Tank’s customers are looking for specific products and services. However, they may be using a variety of search phrases to find a local supplier. Google Ads have allowed E-Tank to enhance its search engine marketing strategy by more clearly identifying and targeting its customers online.


By unifying all aspects of its brand, E-Tank is making a strong impression in the marketplace and effectively communicating value to a targeted client base.

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