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Countryside Farms


Countryside Farms, a cheese company based in Colombia, came to us looking for a website to better market their business to the high end local restaurants. Their business model had been focused on word of mouth and sales calls but they were ready to take the company to the next level.

Cassel Bear wanted to make sure their new site was putting the company’s best foot forward, so the team proposed a logo refresh to better match the style of a new website. We felt the original logo had good bones so it didn’t need a brand new concept but rather some polishing both with typography as well as colors to better reflect where the client wanted the brand to be. Our designers did a lot of research into Colombian food products to make sure that the final product fit the culture that it would be living in.



Overall, Countryside Farms was looking for a pretty simple website as far as what it needed to do. They needed a place for current customers to easily submit orders as well as somewhere that potential customers could learn more about them.

Not only did we need to make sure the end product was easy to navigate and reflected their brand , but the website had to be in Spanish. Our team was working closely with one of the owners located in California, so all of the planning was done in English before being translated for the final live site.


Since Countryside Farms was marketing their cheese to restaurants and not directly to consumers, Cassel Bear needed to focus the imagery towards enticing final dishes made with the products they offer. In order to make sure we were able to get a variety of high end cheesy dishes, our team worked directly with a local chef. This allowed us to capture a variety of images with melty, gooey cheese that could still be found in a fine dining restaurant.


Another important piece for this client was coordinating stationery and product labels with the updated logo and color palette. Especially since Countryside Farms marketing would still involve in person sales, we wanted their team to have additional pieces to get the brand in front of more people.

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