COMPASS approached us looking to simplify their website, with the hopes to create an experience that was easy for users to find what they needed quickly. Over time and continuous edits, their previous site had become confusing and pages were getting buried and lost.

Cassel Bear’s team jumped right into talking through the user experience, making sure to discuss all audiences that could be visiting COMPASS and created clear goals to push the project forward. This paired with research of other rape crisis organizations helped us to create a comforting visual design that allows people to get help quickly when visiting the site.


To help take the website design to the next level, Cassel Bear planned and created new photography assets for the project. The previous site was lacking images because COMPASS did not want to alienate any of the diverse groups of people that could be coming to them for help. To achieve this without having to use stock photos, we focused on the emotions rather than the people. Our designers also processed the images to give them a soothing, warm glow. This helped to visually convey the comforting work that the staff at COMPASS do for people in the community.

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