Seth Thomas

Project Manager


The medium is the message.

—Marshall McLuhan


As a writer/editor and a manager of projects, Seth brings an eclectic bag of experiences to the Cassel Bear team. For nearly a decade, Seth traversed various industries from Ohio to California to Chicago to Ohio to back to California to back to Ohio, working for an antiquities museum, a book publisher, a moving company, a playhouse and monster movie production company.

A Malone University grad with a degree in Communications, Seth also studied improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles. Seth’s recent projects include multiple organizational rebrands as well as brand management for both faith-based and government entities.

On the cardigan and sneaker side of life, Seth and his wife Heather enjoy going to museums, baseball games, and taking their two kids to the zoo. In addition, they enjoy trying new restaurants, but also have been known to shut it down at their local Domino’s.

While Seth is not a bucket-list-type person, if Seth did have an item on his bucket list, it would be to sell a cartoon to the New Yorker. To that end, he continues (undaunted) scribbling and dashing off his little black and white gems to the magazine, despite the editorial staff’s polite, insistent no-thank-you notes.

What Seth rocks: Content creation across multiple mediums, project management, customer service and adapting to new challenges.