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Photography & Videography

Custom videos and photography can help create an emotional connection with your audience, especially when planned and executed properly. Cassel Bear has the experience and know how to help create the perfect moment, telling a compelling story that will draw people in. From scouting a location, creating a script, and thinking through props and color combinations to so much more, we take into account all the small details necessary to achieve the images and stories you need.


  • Script Writing
  • Directing
  • Shooting
  • Location Sourcing / Scouting
  • Editing


  • Videos and Photography are assets of your business. They live in multiple places, touching multiple users throughout your marketing plan. Photos may show up on your website, in e-blasts, your social media channels, or as part of your tradeshow display or in-store display.
  • The style of your photography can be created in such a way as to become part of your brand. We can show you examples of how brand photography takes shape when we work together.
  • While people are inundated with more marketing messages today than ever before, our capacity to take in, process, and retain more information has not increased. Images tell a quick and powerful story that makes an impression, and crafting that right photo or video takes some thought, intentionality, and time.
  • Your investment is returned many times over with the right images and video.


  • What is the compelling reason for the photoshoot or video? This helps focus it and give it purpose.
  • Where will the videos and photography live? Videos, for example, can be very different whether they are on Facebook, YouTube, Website or DVD.
  • What is the expected outcome of the piece? What is the next step?
  • Is there something that a video can show that other media can’t?


“Cassel Bear helped us bring our marketing to a whole new level. They created an introductory video to our organization through a fun, artistic process that even helped us see what we do more clearly. Being able to give our present and prospective supporters a short concise view of our work has opened unexpected doors for us. Thank you, Cassel Bear, for turning a daunting task into an easy stroll through the park.”
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