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Brand & Identity


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Tagline Development
  • Message and Voice
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brand Story


  • The goal is to authentically reflect the entity. We won’t lead you or let you go down a path that doesn’t match who you are.
  • We work with a lot of companies that still have things to figure out with their audience, how to say what they do, etc. This is perfectly normal.
  • Starting with a mindset for discovery is helpful.
  • Allow yourself to have fun in the process and even dare to dream and delve into vision a bit.
  • This is not something to cram into your calendar. It needs both physical space in your schedule, and mental space when we are working through the discovery process, identity quadrant, and concept review. Outside of these points of engagement and involvement, you are free to let it go. We’ve got this.
  • It is best to go slow enough that the new brand is fully thought out and developed, but fast enough that the advantage of momentum is maintained.
  • Brand and Identity are forward thinking. Your brand and identity should reflect who you are becoming. If it only represents who you are today, chances are you will outgrow the identity quicker than you like.



You might be thinking of rebranding, but are not sure if it’s the right move. We see businesses and organizations talk about rebranding when one of the following is true:

  • The identity and brand was put together years ago when a business was first starting and it wasn’t done professionally.
  • You have simply outgrown the identity. The business started with one focus, but now there are several equally import facets of the business to which the current identity doesn’t speak.
  • There has been a complete pivot in your organization. The marketplace and industry trends have caused a fundamental shift in how you operate, causing your identity to need redesigned.
  • Your identity has not kept step with your growth. The vision for the next season of your organization has started to outpace your current identity.


“Working with Cassel Bear has been extremely easy.  The designers created a number of logo designs for my company that were all well thought out and unique; we had multiple good options from which to choose. The team worked on a tight deadline to deliver a strong logo that I am proud to show off. My project manager was there to offer suggestions and guide, but never push or persuade. I would use Cassel Bear in the future for any of my design and marketing needs.”
Zinck Ink

Countryside Farms


Holmes County Economic Development Council


Millersburg Electric


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