The Hardwood Furniture Guild

Composed of furniture manufacturers in the nation’s largest concentration of hardwood furniture builders, the Guild promotes handcraftsmanship, environmental awareness, and American manufacturing to customers throughout the country.

HFG is composed of furniture manufacturers mostly in Northeast/Central Ohio. The nation’s largest concentration of hardwood furniture builders, they work together to make it easier for customers from around the country to buy from them, partnering on standardized stain colors and consolidated shipping. They also share a deep concern for environmental awareness, keeping handcraftsmanship alive, and showcasing made-in-the-USA products.

As the Guild’s name began to carry some weight with retailers around the country, the Guild’s board sought Cassel Bear out for a professional logo that would match the excellence expected from the builders’ products, a mark that would carry with it the credibility afforded with membership in the Guild.

Successful execution of this task garnered us the opportunity to design more of the Guild’s materials. We began designing quarterly newsletters, annual membership materials, and ads for trade publications. To help give the Guild a more national presence, we also built a website which wows retailers with the variety of styles and pieces that Guild builders offer. Through the site, retailers can contact any of the 200+ member shops or order resources about the Guild.

Two of these resources are projects of which we’re very proud. Every other year, retailers receive the Buyer Resource; this full color catalog introduces store owners to each Guild manufacturer, with details about the shop, contact information, what products they build, and beautiful photos of the pieces. It’s a major project that requires Cassel Bear to be on both our administrative and creative toes, managing information coming at us from many directions.



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