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Don’t let Amazon’s remarketing steal your joy this holiday season!

You are looking for the perfect gift for your loved one. You have an idea and you scour Amazon, investing time in reading reviews to make sure you understand what you are buying. You narrow down the selection. That’s it. That’s the gift. She is going to LOVE it. You are so excited! Fast forward to three days later. Amazon Prime has delivered already. You made sure to grab the box as soon as it hit the front porch, and it is stashed in your secret hiding place for gifts of this caliber.

And then, that special loved one is ambling around on the internet, reading news, looking at Pinterest, or even doing some shopping herself. Her focus suddenly shifts to that ad that just seems to keep reappearing. Why does this particular item keep showing up in the banner ads? Then it dawns on her; she would really like to have a (fill in the blank) and she bets she is getting it for Christmas. Next step: she begins practicing her best “completely surprised” look. She promises herself that she won’t let on that she knew exactly what was going to be under the tree.

Can you keep Amazon from giving away your secrets and stealing your joy this Christmas season? The term for this strategy of showing you ads for something you were shopping for recently is remarketing. I think everyone is familiar with it by now and you may have felt like big brother was watching you the first few times you saw this working. Good news to all: everything is not lost however. You can shut off these ads from Amazon by taking a few of steps.

Go to your account. Scroll to the bottom to “Personalization.” At the bottom of the first column is “Your Advertising Preference.” Select “Do Not Personalize Ads from Amazon for this Browser.” That’s it. While your under the hood already, you might as well turn off browsing history as well. Click on “View and Manage Your Browsing History.” Select this option and set your browsing history to “Off.”

Take back your joy and have a Merry Christmas. Don’t let remarketing spoil it!