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An Identity to Aspire Toward

When we begin working with a company, business, or organization to help develop a brand and identity, we pay as much attention to the words that are being spoken / written and how they’re being conveyed (“the voice” of the client) as we do to the visual aspects of the identity, like the logo, brand […]

Anatomy of a Motto: The Voice

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve spoken to someone on the phone or communicated with them via e-mail, only to meet them in person and discover that they don’t even remotely conform to the portrait you’d created of them in your mind’s eye? This can sometimes be a good thing, on a micro-level. […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Seven

My apologies. I’m sure you’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation for this final installment of my Anatomy of a Motto series, and I’m sorry to be tardy, but answering fan mail is a priority, and I’ve had many ardent devotees expecting a response. Which is a reminder to remember your audience. As we were crafting […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Six

Phew! Five posts on this motto and we’re only through the first sentence. Don’t worry; it gets less painstaking. (This was the point in the process where the designers threatened to strike if we didn’t stop wordsmithing and get back to pretty pictures.) A perfect segue into the phrase “We craft your distinct story, in […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Five

I did a lot of theatre as I was growing up, and while I still love directing, I very rarely perform these days. The only time I show up at an audition is when there’s a role that I’m dying to play, a part I know I could knock out of the park. If I […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Four

Designs branded materials. This phrase arrived like an oasis in the desert of copywriting; it came easily, was universally agreed upon, and addressed a concern we’d been having. We’d already defined “identity” as a specific story: who a company is or isn’t, perceptions they try to embrace or counter, who a business is becoming or […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Three

The first thing Cassel Bear does is to define identity. That’s fairly straightforward, right? (If you’ve been reading, you know that writing this motto was as straightforward as birthing a rhinoceros.) There was first a conversation about whether identity and brand are the same, since the terms are often used interchangeably. After much spirited debate […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part Two

Leave it to a roomful of writers to spend days fixating on the first phrase of a motto, drafting and editing multiple options, only to end up with this: Cassel Bear. Our company name. We experimented with options that were more descriptive: “Cassel Bear is a design studio.” “A marketing agency.” “A branding firm.” None […]

Anatomy of a Motto, Part One

My first week at Cassel Bear, I learned that—for our new website’s homepage—we’d be sitting down as a team to write the company’s motto. To a writer, crafting this statement by committee sounded about as fun as getting punched in the face. Hard. Repeatedly. But several weeks later, we’re all still friends and we’ve arrived […]