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Fresh Squeezed Branding, Identity Design and Logo Design

The world of branding, identity design, and logo design is the world in which we live in at Cassel Bear. However, it is always helpful and refreshing to review the basics and underlying tenets of this work. I like the word choices that David Haigh of Brand Finance uses to articulate three primary functions of brands: Navigation, Reassurance, and Engagement.

Navigation: With an estimated six thousand marketing messages coming at people in a day’s time, navigation is key. Navigating through the myriad of choices is becoming even more critical as advertising proliferates. How does your brand help a potential consumer understand quickly what differentiates your product and compel them to explore more deeply?

Reassurance:  This second point covers the basics of communicating trust, quality of your product or service, authenticity of your company, and more, confirming to the customer that they have made the right choice among all of the competing and alternative options. Reassurance is communicated through many points of customer contact such as messaging, your logo design, and the consistency of your marketing materials. How has your brand been creating reassurance and trust lately?

Engagement: Customers want to be loved. Maybe loved feels like a strong term when talking about a brand engaging people, but successful interaction with a brand makes people feel valued and, dare we say loved. The nuts and bolts of engagement involve connecting with customers through text and image that stirs emotion, incites action, builds loyalty and so on. Where has your brand successfully engaged with customers lately?

While doing a quick refresh on branding is almost as good as fresh squeezed lemonade, it might leave a sour taste if your brand isn’t right where you aspire it to be. Be encouraged by words from George Eliot who noted, “It is never too late to be what you could have been.”