What We’re Reading: Urban Legends, Candy Apples, and Ideas that Stick

Remember the worst part of trick-or-treating? It was the waiting. The waiting for your grown-up to inspect each piece of your candy and make sure it was untampered with and (grumble) safe to eat. The resulting boon always saw anything homemade — from candy apples to oatmeal cookies — go straight to the bottom of […]

Anatomy of a Project: Refuge of Hope brochure

Picture yourself downtown — no place to sleep, no place to eat. Now imagine a place where you could get a hot meal, eight times a week at no cost. Located in downtown Canton, Refuge of Hope provides meals for the hungry and offers shelter to homeless men. With their guest numbers growing daily, Refuge […]

Cultivating Brand Loyalty

Agricultural engineer, commodities trader, mechanic, quasi-veterinarian: all of these skills describe the farmer, one of the backbones of America. If you talk to a farmer you’ll find that he is extremely brand loyal on one particular point: what type of equipment he owns. When I first got to know my father-in-law, Marlin Cassel, a Lancaster […]

Homepage Homework

It should be fairly obvious in this day and age that your website is often the primary, and maybe only, opportunity you have to connect with a potential customer. As such, it’s important to make a good first impression and show a site visitor the wide range of products you offer, or talk about your […]

Logo Design Evolution at Cassel Bear

  Here at Cassel Bear, we’re wrapping up a yearlong process of reimagining our brand. As we settle into our new open-plan office space, a custom sign for the front of our building is being fabricated, redesigned stationery and business cards are at the printer, and our multiple brainstorming rooms are playing host to energetic […]