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Anatomy of a Project: White Law Office Brochure

When I think of a law firm, I see middle-aged men in dark suits, cups of coffee in hand, looking over legal documents at large wooden desks. It’s hard to deconstruct this image when every lawyer on TV is portrayed this way. Visit the White Law Office in Millersburg, Ohio, however, and prepare to ditch the cliché.

Pulling up to their office, you’ll probably think you have the wrong address. The bright yellow house and welcoming front porch almost make you think you’ve stepped into a southern plantation home circa 1900. The team inside is just as friendly and personable, and they are excellent at what they do.

When it came to designing a brochure for them, we knew we couldn’t stay traditional; we had to kick it up a notch to match their persona. Initially we pursued modern Americana feel, but quickly decided that bold colors and fun icons were much more in line with their brand.

With thirteen specialties between the three partners, we wanted a way to highlight each one personally without making the brochure crowded and boring. An icon was created for each specialty and they were color coded into seven different law services.

A map was laid over sprawling fields and highlights each of the twenty-one counties in which they work. About Us, Our Team, and Endorsement pages help to lighten up all of the law talk and keep it feeling fresh and lively.

We utilized a unique fold and specialty paper to tie it all together, presenting them with a piece that was as special as they are. And we take this same good care and effort on each print piece that leaves our office, knowing that it will tell a distinctive story—yours.