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Anatomy of a Project: Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market Brand Refresh

Sometimes an established brand needs to move forward with the times but doesn’t require a full-blown rebranding. In this case, it makes sense to evolve the brand, not reinvent it.

Think of it as taking a periodic evaluation of your wardrobe. You’ll want to keep your timeless tried-and-true basics because they form the foundation of your style. But you’ll want to toss the worn-out items and consider switching out other pieces for newer ones that are more in keeping with current trends.

For the 2016 Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market materials, we refreshed the branding by replacing cutout photos of furniture with silhouettes of that same furniture, cleaning up the solid color backgrounds by removing gradients and shadows, and by broadening the color palette.

The show’s tagline (“Where Tradition Meets Innovation”) was kept, along with its graphic lockup, and the same general layout for all materials was maintained. Some adjustments were made to the typography and color, but just enough to make things feel fresh.





By far the biggest change was the rebuilt website. The content largely remained the same, but the site was made responsive, and some functionality was introduced to improve the experience. Again, not a reinvention but an evolution.

Refreshing a brand over time can be an effective way to keep the brand in touch and relevant with changes in fashion and technology while preserving brand equity and without alienating users.

See the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market website at ohiohardwoodfurnituremarket.com.