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Anatomy of a Motto, Part Seven

My apologies.

I’m sure you’ve been waiting in breathless anticipation for this final installment of my Anatomy of a Motto series, and I’m sorry to be tardy, but answering fan mail is a priority, and I’ve had many ardent devotees expecting a response.

Which is a reminder to remember your audience.

As we were crafting our motto, we almost forgot to ask ourselves, “What’s the point of all this? Why do we work specifically the way we do? What’s the ultimate value to our clients?”

Do we help you sell product? Yes. Can we assist in disseminating critical information? Yes. Are we able to rally troops, generate new members, engage potential customers, and provide tools for your current ones? An emphatic yes on all counts.

But at day’s end, what’s important, in the words of British author E.M. Forster, is that you “simply connect.” That your website, print pieces, logo, social media posts, videos, and other marketing materials convey your story and assure those on the other end that, in their dealings with you, they’ll be more than just a number.

More than a target audience.
More than a demographic.

“Connecting you with commerce and culture” involves more than how many likes your latest post received, the percentage of clicks vs. impressions your Google ad garnered, or the rising rate of e-commerce on your site. It means that the Cassel Bear team brings not only our skills and capacities, but also our hearts, intuitions, and authentic love for people to the task of ensuring your customers, parishioners, donors, patients, members, patrons, and more, feel invited to be in relationship with you for the long haul.