Seth Thomas

Content Director


The medium is the message.

—Marshall McLuhan


As Content Director, Seth works with the project management and design team in order to develop the messaging behind the print, web, and branding pieces Cassel Bear creates. By getting to know each client, the Cassel Bear team looks to go beyond your current company marketing pieces to discover how to tell your story in a way that resonates with your customers.

Seth’s appreciation for narrative developed over the years. From backyard moviemaking to getting paid to read and review screenplays as a production assistant in Beverly Hills, Seth enjoys finding what intrigues audiences and makes a good story tick.

As a ghostwriter and copyeditor, Seth brings more then five years of experience from the nonprofit sector where he worked with faith-based and behavioral health organizations to tell stories of transformation and recovery.

On the cardigan and sneaker side of life, Seth and his wife Heather enjoy going to museums, baseball games, and taking their two kids to the nearest zoo. In addition, they like trying new cuisine and restaurants, but also have been known to hold court at their local burger joint.

What Seth rocks: Content creation across multiple mediums, project management, customer service, and adapting to new challenges.