Ryan Solida

Web Developer


Stay hungry, stay foolish.

—Steve Jobs

Ryan Solida calls himself the nerd behind the curtain. As Cassel Bear’s web developer, he’s the guy who turns essential information and pretty pictures into functioning, full-fledged websites. Ryan knew web development was his thing beginning in high school when he started hobnobbing with HTML pages and recognized it as a viable career. He earned a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Information Systems from Malone University, and, before joining CB, did some real estate web development and independent contracting, producing web sites and web-based business solutions for a diverse clientele. When Cassel Bear came along, Ryan knew it was a perfect fit for his values, skill sets, and trajectory. Now, he’s responsible for backend programming, scripting and application development for the company’s dynamic web sites.

When he’s not camped out in the development cave, Ryan enjoys hanging out with his wife, Sarita, and children, Kylan and Levi. Ryan knows his way around a Gibson Les Paul and also admits to being a total Disney nerd, not just for the movies, but for the idea of Disney as an entity—the parks, the company, the processes. He may or may not have read Mr. Disney’s 1,200 page biography a few months ago while intermittently being sat upon by his cat, Kick Thunder.

What Ryan rocks: Programming ingenuity, database development, chugging coffee, and possessing a do-or-die attitude (tell him it can’t be done, and he will go into his programming bunker, emerging when he has proven you wrong).