Nathan Van Twisk

Nathan Van Twisk



The surest way to run out of new ideas is to hold on too tightly to old ones.

—Ben Uyeda


Nathan is driven by his desire to see others succeed. This inevitably drew him to pursue design upon becoming aware of the unique, world-shaping possibilities that well-articulated visual storytelling has within our lives. An eager learner and early-riser, Nathan is constantly working to grow in knowledge of art, design, and business, looking to better see the potential in others and help create the path for them to share their ambitions with the world.

Carrying his experience from a wide variety of disciplines, Nathan has a BFA in Fine Art Printmaking from the University of Akron and has worked in fields ranging from commercial signage to trade book publishing. As someone who is deeply concerned with efficiency and efficacy, Nathan strives to find the right balance between his admiration for the traditional discipline of a medium and the desire to elevate the work to become something greater than its parts.

You will routinely find Nathan at home challenging himself with cooking new recipes, exploring local restaurants, sampling coffee from around town, and hiking the trails at Cuyahoga National Park. Nathan is married to his wife, Caitlin, and they are the proud parents of two prickly hedgehogs, Fletcher and Mildred. 

What Nathan rocks: Cheering people on. Listening to a client’s needs and creatively seeking out the most appropriate solution to help them succeed. Will also cook the best darn scrambled eggs you’ve ever had. Seriously.

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