Matt Markiewicz



Your design skill isn’t about what you know about color or type. It’s how big your heart swells and how much you love everything.

—James Victore

Matt Markiewicz views good design as a gift to be shared with people. So he takes joy in helping clients touch individuals and communities through their communication efforts. Embracing a client’s goals as his own, Matt strives to find the compelling kernel of an idea that will drive the entire visual storytelling process.

His path to design started with a photography class, taken on a whim, in high school. This “hobby” became something Matt pursued more frequently and with increasing skill. After considering a photo major, he followed a counselor’s advice toward something more versatile and completed Kent’s rigorous major in Visual Communication and Design; throughout, he continued shooting and remains accomplished with a camera to this day. Matt’s occupational trajectory is varied; his design skills have been put to use in both marketing efforts for a car dealership and packaging / product launches for a light bulb manufacturer. Most recently, Matt served at a B2B publishing company, designing print magazines, converting them for digital platforms, and designing collateral for international trade shows and conferences.

To counter sitting in front of a screen, Matt keeps on the move—literally. When the weather allows, he’s an avid cyclist, burning through entire Saturdays on his bike. And he’s passionate about cars (especially fancy Italian ones), fixing, driving and photographing them, and following fast-paced racing series around the world. He’s married to his high school sweetheart, Abby, and they spend their evenings cooking, catching the latest movie, and fulfilling the needs of their feline, Jasper, who is a lovable jerk.

What Matt rocks: crafting engaging and efficient user experiences, keeping abreast of and implementing new design and technology trends, productivity, mobile interfaces, Halloween costume construction, and serving as the office Pollyanna.

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