Karl Bear



Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.

—Bill Gates

Cassel Bear’s co-founder and owner, Karl Bear, discovered his passion for design communication back in high school after realizing he completely lost track of time while working on art and design projects. Since then, Karl has fostered his interest in visual communication, fascinated by how people respond to their visual surroundings. Karl believes it takes a creative mind to discover the best way to harness those responses and break through to an audience to convey just the right message.

On any given leisure day, Cassel Bear’s design principal can be found playing Settlers of Catan with son Keegan, hanging out with daughter London, tackling the next project with his wife Karen on their hobby farm, or plowing drifts of Ohio snow with a gold ’76 Chevy pickup.

For the Cassel Bear team, Karl provides business vision and client relationship management. Karl leads a brand development team whose logo marks have been printed millions of times. His business degree from Kent State University and his experience growing up in family business  provided the backdrop for co-founding Cassel Bear. Prior to that, he managed relationships between Diebold’s ATM division and 200 tech firms before serving as Project Consultant in the healthcare industry, leading a multi-million dollar software implementation for Ontario Systems.

What Karl Rocks: Concepting creative connections that solve business challenges, staff leadership, strategic visioning for Cassel Bear, and talking to complete strangers even though he was warned against it as a kid.

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