Karen Bear



I enjoy doing housework, ironing, washing, cooking, dishwashing. Whenever I get one of those ques­tion­naires and they ask what is your pro­fes­sion, I always put down housewife. It’s an admirable pro­fes­sion; why apologize for it? You aren’t stupid because you’re a housewife. When you’re stirring the jam you can read Shakespeare.

—Tasha Tudor

Karen Bear loves branding. It’s thrilling to see a business—whether a start-up or established company—take on a visual identity that enhances its marketing. But even more exciting than that? To be part of creating that logo and brand, generating pride and excitement.

It’s this love of helping people and businesses through design that led Karen to start Cassel Bear in 2005. Fluent in print, web and logo development, she was the agency for a few years until rapid growth enabled her to hire her husband, Karl, to complement her design skills with aptitudes of his own (and start paying him for all the free labor he was giving her anyway). As the staff expanded, Karen served as Art Director, guiding, developing and educating a team of designers. With the arrival of the Bear children, Karen now spends more hours in the home, but occasionally designs and serves as an advisor to the Management Team. Looking back, she takes pride in seeing an entity that was once just a dream now thriving in full swing.

As an antidote to the computer screen and digital world in which she’s spent countless hours, Karen loves the challenge of sewing, quilting, and hand stitching. The manual work, the feel of soft fabrics, the imperfect nature of the medium: all of these factors help change things up a bit and yield a high degree of satisfaction when she arrives at a completely hand-made final product. Karen also enjoys raising her two children, Keegan and London, who’ve turned out to be highly opinionated artists themselves. Go figure.

What Karen rocks: Listening to clients and providing insight, vision-casting, helping businesses strategize for growth, and baking goodies to satisfy the ravenous appetites of the Cassel Bear staff.

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