Derek Stulpin

Creative Director


Always look at what everyone else looks at but see what no one else sees.



With an eye for authentic human interactions and a deep audience connection, Derek uses his passion for storytelling and problem solving to bring work to life.

As the Creative Director, his focus is on developing strong client relationships, enriching the overall creative experience, and identifying new opportunities.

Derek’s love for all things creative took hold many years ago and continues to influence all aspects of his life. So it is no surprise that his love for art and design continued long after his last class at Youngstown State University, where he received his BFA in Graphic Design. His love for the meaningful creative has carried over into his career. His focus is on refining and diversifying his experience in all aspects of design to provide the maximum impact for his clients. It is this continued passion for design that has led to receiving many industry accolades, including the Herme’s Creative Award, GD USA American Web Design Award and numerous ADDY® awards.

When Derek is not refining his craft, he can be found at home checking off the latest project on the “honey do” list or hiking the vast trail systems in the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Parks. He is married to his long-time sweetheart Allison, and when they aren’t wrangling their twin daughters they can be found slow dancing in the kitchen, reading bed time stories, or waking up at 3am for their old stinky beagle, Penelope, who must be fed immediately regardless of the time. And even though he is outnumbered at home by 4:1, he takes it all in stride, often dishing out hugs with a side of sarcastic humor.

What Derek rocks: creating and refining the customer’s visual experience, focusing on the latest market trends, honing his prankster craft, and remembering to always save room for a little fun.

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