Andrea Maddox

Project Coordinator


We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

—Walt Disney


Andrea Maddox brings a wealth of hospitality and customer service experience to Cassel Bear. Having spent 13 years working at the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau, Andrea knows a thing or two about making guests feel welcomed and understood. When she’s not enjoying organizing details in a carefully itemized spreadsheet or working with an interdisciplinary team of visual designers, writers, developers, analysts, and account managers, Andrea likes to volunteer and is a firm believer in people giving back to their community. 

A Kent State grad through and through, Andrea remains an avid learner regardless of the work in front of her — reading, cooking, or arranging her next globe-trotting travel plans. Her natural curiosity and uncanny ability to observe and absorb new details, viewpoints, and cultures makes Andrea an invaluable member of the Cassel Bear team. And speaking of team, on the homefront, Andrea is also the proud mother of three daughters, two who have left the nest and one that is still a proud GlenOak Eagle. Around town, Andrea and her daughter enjoy hiking together and checking out coffee shops.

What Andrea rocks:
Keeping the customer experience in mind, keeping multiple plates spinning, and seeing the big picture without losing sight of the details