Putting Stock in Your Paper Choice

Paper stock is to design as bread is to a sandwich. The wrong bread can completely ruin your meal. You wouldn’t spend $7/pound on roasted peppered turkey from the deli only to put it on the cheap loaf of enriched white bread, would you? (If so, you shouldn’t!) The same is true of your brochure, […]

A Marketing Rubric Gives You Reasons in the Season

Do you find yourself trying to wade through every “must-have” advertising opportunity that comes along? Does your methodology for how to spend advertising dollars toward marketing opportunities ebb and flow based on the time of day or the weather? Likely, there are a few more concrete guidelines than those, but often it is difficult to […]

Content Notes from the Grammar Police

At Cassel Bear, we’re fans of great marketing copy. Nothing gets us more excited than watching a business or organization begin to articulate a unique brand identity or story through content that is well-crafted, distinctively voiced, and engaging. Too often, though, what is said gets lost in how it’s said. Grammar gaffes and spelling mistakes […]

Where Tradition Meets Innovation

For the past four years, Cassel Bear has partnered with the Hardwood Furniture Guild (HFG) to brand the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market—a tradeshow where Ohio-based hardwood furniture builders meet with buyers from around the country. This year, the HFG board and the Cassel Bear creative team developed a thematic hook that would help encourage new […]

Standing Out In All Seasons

How can a golf ball be so hard to find in a sea of leaves? Wrapping up the golf season on a gorgeous fall day, I was appreciating the beauty of the leaves until one of my shots landed in a sea of them. You would think a white ball would stand out in the […]

Top Five Design Mistakes

What is birthed at a creative agency in the short span of a few weeks may live forever at the company using it, so it’s important that their efforts be top-notch. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes a design team can make that potentially shorten the longevity and effectiveness of their work (or at least kill […]

When Design Drives Purchase

Product packaging and labeling have been around for centuries, dating back to the first or second century B.C. Even the earliest consumers needed a way to differentiate what they were buying. These early packages, however, only served two purposes—identify and protect the product. Fast forward to 2014 when purchasing goods is a daily occurrence for […]

Parental Tips on Graphic Design

This past August, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world. Nothing could have ever prepared us for what we’ve endured: weeks of late nights, grasping at the cure for baby tears with rocking, singing, and endless diapers. We do it, trusting we’ll see and she’ll feel the benefits of our care. […]


OK, coming back to my thoughts of two weeks ago, here are a few more good SEO practices for aiding your attempts to attain better placement for your site in search engines. Be Original: Duplicating content – even your own content is extremely bad for SEO. Make sure your content is original. Do not copy and […]

Anatomy of a Project: White Law Office Brochure

When I think of a law firm, I see middle-aged men in dark suits, cups of coffee in hand, looking over legal documents at large wooden desks. It’s hard to deconstruct this image when every lawyer on TV is portrayed this way. Visit the White Law Office in Millersburg, Ohio, however, and prepare to ditch […]