When Cassel Bear is asked to create a new brand, revitalize a tired one, or just bring some consistency to one that already exists, we often create a brand guide – a master document that lays out rules, reasons and guidelines for a company’s logo, colors, fonts, photo style, verbal messaging, and more. This “playbook” guides all the work that we do for a company and also gives them easy-to-follow information for when they create marketing pieces in house.

E-Pak Manufacturing had some strong existing brand elements that needed some cohesion brought to them. We performed an update on their logo and then designated specific fonts (all of which help create an engineering / manufacturing ethos for the brand) for specific usages. We also helped E-Pak move away from color identification for their different divisions toward icons that we created. This allows the “brand red” to remain undiluted by lots of other color and gives a strong visual hook to each market in which they work. Look through the pages below to see a bit more of the photographic style we established for them.





After developing E-Pak’s new brand, the first print piece that allowed us to synthesize all the updated elements was a direct mail piece that went out to individuals in the scrap metal industry at year’s end 2016. Seeking to generate sales by promoting the tax break available for equipment purchases, the piece made use of our new font selections, the original icons crafted for each client industry, and the revised logo. This piece was also the first iteration of the “product morph” imagery we created by combining a real photo of E-Pak’s product with actual engineering drawings to highlight the full process of E-Pak’s work – from engineering and designing to building and fabricating.


E-Pak Manufacturing builds high-quality trailers and containers that are used in a variety of industries – waste management, environmental clean-up, scrap metal, construction / demolition, and more. As part of a direct mailing effort to reach new clients, E-Pak sent free iPads to the heads of companies with whom they were interested in working. And if this generous gift didn’t grab attention, Cassel Bear’s work would! In tandem with the E-Pak team, we scripted, directed, shot, and edited a short film – in the tongue-in-cheek style of espionage and spy thrillers – that played on the iPads once they were turned on, introducing recipients to E-Pak’s capabilities and inviting them to visit the facility. Wrapped in brown nondescript paper, the iPads were also accompanied by a TOP SECRET notecard to lend authenticity to the whole package.


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