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Standing Out In All Seasons

How can a golf ball be so hard to find in a sea of leaves?

Wrapping up the golf season on a gorgeous fall day, I was appreciating the beauty of the leaves until one of my shots landed in a sea of them. You would think a white ball would stand out in the middle of all that red, orange, and yellow, but it took some searching before I discovered where it had landed.

Thinking about that day, as I look out on the present snowy landscape, I can’t help but draw a comparison between the position of that shot and marketing a business. Predictably, just as the seasons change, marketing strategies are constantly evolving. Companies scramble to keep up with the latest trends, while striving to maintain an identity that sets them apart from the rest. Industry leaders understand the importance of adaptability in an ever-changing climate. Imagine that little golf ball in a blanket of snow. How much more difficult it would be to locate it just two weeks later! The course is not always green and manicured, or even covered with foliage, so the ability to adapt to the conditions means everything to the success or failure of the game.

Navigating marketing trends can be challenging for businesses of any size, and you can be certain that your competitors are trying to do the same. But this should never result in simply chasing the fray, or making changes for the sake of change. Sometimes, in the quest to keep up, it is easy to forget the basic fundamentals of your brand; what does your brand say about you, how true are staying to your brand, and how relevant is your brand in the current market?

Your brand is not your name, logo, website, or product; it is who your customers perceive you to be, and how you make them feel. Knowing who you are, and staying true to yourself, is key to having a strong presence in the marketplace. Your clients choose you, and stay with you, because you stand out, you have something to offer that is different than your competition, and you stay in touch with who you are. Does that change? Occasionally. But the brands with the most longevity stay distinctive and meaningful across the changing seasons and strategies.

Have you taken a look at “you” recently? This is a great time of year to invest some time in that pursuit. If you find you are slicing or hooking shots, it may be time for a refresher with the pros at Cassel Bear, who can help you drive that perfect hole in one.