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How does a company decide to rebrand?

This week I was asked, “Should a company redesign its brand and marketing materials just to do it?” This is a great question and the answer is, “no.” When rebranding, or designing a new logo, brochure, catalogue or website, there should always be a compelling reason—a “why”—that drives the project. Rebranding and designing new materials without boiling down the reasons will not garner the results that are desired. Defining a strong “why” and mission statement for each of your marketing materials is important in order to create a focused and successful effort. The basis for this initial question that I was asked was the person’s understanding that marketing is important, paired with the frustration of not knowing when, how, why, and where, to invest marketing dollars. Figuring out the “why”, making everything work in concert with one another, putting a plan in place, defining your audience—this is the stuff of effective efforts.

Several good reasons for a rebrand or a new marketing piece are:

  • A new market to reach
  • An existing market to engage on a more regular basis
  • Serving clients by providing them useful information
  • Company growth, which calls for a new logo and brand
  • An area of your marketing or sales system that has not yet been fully developed
  • A new product to promote

Many “whys” exist. Sometimes it takes a conversation to help clarify an unclear gut-feeling that you need to do something. Find an expert and ask them to help clarify this. At Cassel Bear, we have marketing conversations with many companies to help them clarify the “why” for their company, and put effective marketing plans in place to give structure to their efforts, which creates more value for the dollars spent on marketing.