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A Marketing Rubric Gives You Reasons in the Season

Do you find yourself trying to wade through every “must-have” advertising opportunity that comes along? Does your methodology for how to spend advertising dollars toward marketing opportunities ebb and flow based on the time of day or the weather? Likely, there are a few more concrete guidelines than those, but often it is difficult to nail down why an opportunity might be a fit or not a fit for your company. What might be exactly right for that company might not be the best use of your marketing budget. With a new year fast approaching, it is a great time to get specific about how you will and won’t spend your advertising dollars. Next time you are faced with the “best opportunity ever”, and a commitment is required right away if “you don’t want to miss out,” you’ll be in better shape if you’ve already developed some guidelines to help discern where you do and don’t want to spend your finite advertising resources. To do this, right now, with your team, stop and write down some requirements that make opportunities a fit or not a fit. For example:

  • Geographic focus
  • Audience reach per $ spent
  • Time of year in relation to a specific factor

Take it one step further and begin to create solid ground rules for the future so that you don’t even have to spend much time weighing the options. At Cassel Bear we refer to these marketing ground rules as a rubric. Create one before your marketing budget is gone and you don’t know where it went. Or give us a call and we’ll work with your staff to develop one together.