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Direct Mail or Online Marketing?

With the advent of online marketing and the inexpensive cost of creating and sending email newsletters, people are asking if print and direct mail hold much value any longer. It begs the question: how long did you spend reading the last e-blast you received, or paying attention to the ads popping up on the most recent social media or news website you visited? How much time did you give to the latest direct mail piece you received in your mailbox? The answers vary greatly depending on who sent you the piece. The value of any method is only as good at its connection to the audience and the quality of the content contained within.

This was underscored by a recent direct mail marketing campaign (directed by Cassel Bear) which garnered good measurable results. The goal was to recruit new members to an organization. One of the keys to the success of the campaign was the inclusion of contact information of several current members. Prospective members were invited to reach out directly to current members who could share the benefits they were getting from the organization. It provided a powerful way for interested people to contact someone who could relate their experience in a one-on-one conversation, validating organization and the value for prospective member.

So is direct mail and print obsolete? All marketing avenues are dead when they fail to connect in a powerful way with their audience. With thousands of marketing messages coming everyone’s way daily, people want to the ability to make personal connections to things they care about. The marketing content matters, while the format is defined simply by where your audience shows up.