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Is Your Brand Dressed for Your Destination?

Your company has a brand, and that brand says quite a bit about your company, whether or not you intend for it. Just like a person, you can tell where they’re from by how they dress and the language they speak. And if your brand wants to travel, it needs to dress appropriately and learn the languages necessary in order to make it in all the climates and cultures it will encounter.


I was browsing the showroom of a new client recently to familiarize myself with the products the store carries. There were several brands represented, each with its own floor space and display rack, and I was immediately able to spot the only one manufactured locally in Ohio amongst the national brands. The brand and logo design told me everything. The brand used photos which were very similar to other photostyles I have seen locally. All of their work felt warm, hand-crafted and approachable. The typographical style and layout of the logo portrayed a company from our area. This all tells me they only compared against their competition, and they believe their competition is here. They wore the suit and spoke the language of a company that has not faced the competition at a regional or national level.


Is that a good or bad thing? In this case, I would stay neutral, and would generalize the answer by asking another: What are your business objectives? Where is your brand traveling? If this particular manufacturing company only cares about doing business in Ohio, then their brand is spot on. If they are trying to be a regional or national player, they are sending a wrong message. To be a regional or national player this company would need to look at their targets and examine a much larger field of competition, then evaluate and redefine their brand in order to speak to a more diverse audience.


Your brand is what takes you where you want to go. Is yours taking you there?